Day begins with a piece of underwear, ending in underwear

We were thinking about the original way of underwear

Please imagine

Beautiful underwear that are aligned in the beginning closet of the day

Smooth the touch of a fingertip rejoice pick up

The moment you touch Bare skin through the head and arm

Happiness of when to leave the body on the bed sheets that had made

To happily start every day

We have never changed forever

“We pursue the comfort.”

The day begins with a piece of underwear, it ends up in underwear

Design that connects the world

We think of design and be rich design of the everyday people

Live every day flesh-and-blood human being dressed in Bare skin

T’ is both a life with you, comfortably the important person and important time

Promises support to spend
Full of design and making things is to love

Race and religion, which spread to the world beyond the era,

And the journey regardless of age, sex

T’ is proposed through a “beautiful comfort”

I would like to feel the “happiness” of only a little

Love to work

We are pouring love to work

Have a belief, brought up, I tackle the job with compassion

Carefully crafted one by one, we will deliver to everyone with responsibility
We do not stop love the beautiful collection and design to create

That’s why we can continue to move forward

For who can continue to love all people and love you the T’ …

Trust and confidence

T’ is to form a reliable partner and product team

design · product · humanity
(Design, production, and human nature)

Design to enrich the “heart” to engage in the day-to-day life
Production system, which is generously pursuing the ultimate comfort to the chest
Honestly make things, work in good faith
We continue poured compassion and affection
We have prepared the courage and time

T’ credit and sympathy to you in which you can the

We will deliver the “joyful news”




一日の始まり クローゼットの中に整列した美しい肌着